Ch 3; pg 3

“Ah,” He smiled wide, “the new recruits!”

“This is Mr. Brownstone, head of this department.” Eileen whispered.

“Kids, do you know why the company name is Halberd Industries?” he asked rhetorically.

Within his contrived, ‘thoughtful’ pause Mellvin interjected to Mr. Brownstone’s dismay, “Isn’t that the last name of the founders of the company?” Continue reading


Ch3; pg2

Inside the elevator there were only three buttons. One for the floor they had just toured, one that Eileen pressed and one below that which was left unexplained. The doors opened in time with the cheerful ping that indicated they had reached their destination. Eileen promptly stepped off the elevator and began walking right into the heart of what seemed to be a labyrinth of hallways. The other two followed quickly but silently behind making every other step a small jump in an effort to catch up while attempting to keep their pace at a walk. Eileen suddenly stopped and turned to them at the convergence of the hallways. Continue reading

Chapter 3: The Halberd Offices

“This is where all the clerical work is done. ¬†We have thousands of orders coming in daily from all over the country. Our staff uses the latest in Halberd technology, often performing daily tasks on equipment that the consumer has not yet even heard of!” Eileen seemed to be reading off of a script. ¬†It was clear that she had memorized and was now performing a company sanctioned tour to the letter. “Notice that the backgrounds of the screens our clerics use are white with black lettering instead of the usual black with white lettering. ¬†These new screens are the first step in our advancement toward a more user-friendly interface…”¬† Continue reading

I am a little burnt out!

Let me tell you, writing more than 1600 words every single day (and feeling the pressure of falling behind when you don’t) really gets to you. Especially if, like me, you’re used to writing nothing every day. ¬†I really want to continue my Like Clockwork story but I am having trouble squeezing so many words out of my body. Instead I want to introduce my new blog, where I plan to write about writing and post an excerpt of the first chapter of the novel I’m writing. Think of it as a¬†consolation¬†post.

“The sunset glinted off the knight’s shining armour. Sir Rick Knight of Rotterdam rode away from an explosion without even looking back at it as his faithful steed sprinted across the valley. The local village was alight and its people were scrambling to gather their belongings and loved ones and move away from the flaming maze of cottages before another storehouse filled with the fireworks a chinese ambassidor brought the king just two days ago could explode. The dragon that had caused this mess was already flying away, satisfied with the destuction it had caused, into the mountains of the north. Sir Knight followed with great speed and promised to bring justice to said dragon and prevent it from ever again causing harm. The wind whistled through the slots in his helmet and stung his eyes but still he kept following the path of the dragon. Finally he reached a hill that climbed out of the valley. As he reached its peak and looked out over the land he realized that it would be a great journey to cover the distance that the dragon had already put between them in less than thirty minutes.

‘In the distance he saw a small clloud of smoke rising from a clearing in the dense forest not far ahead of him. He knew that his only chance of reaching the dragon would be with preparation and supplies. His horse also seeing the forest ahead slowed to a stop and whinnied. It was actually more like a whine than a whinny, he did not want to go in that forrest. “Shhhh, it’ll be alright, Steve,” said Sir Knight but Steve could sense danger lurking that the knight could not. So reluctant was the good stead, Steve, that Sir Knight had to get off of his horse and lead him into the forest on foot. Gingerly the two approached the forest entrance. A breeze seemed to escape from inside the tightly packed groves of trees as they were only feet away from walking onto the small dark path that had been cut through.”

Chapter 1- Thine Good Knight on a Daring Quest in Medieval Times with Magic and Probably Dragons and Also  a Princess!

Notes: My new blog is called An Act of Optimism and you can find it at

I plan on editing my novel so it isn’t so poorly written but for now, this is what I’ve got, this is what I’ve been working on.

I haven’t totally given up on Like Clockwork¬†but I may be posting irregularly until I’m finished with this whole novel writing thing.


Ch 2; pg4

Brit spent some time exploring her room and unpacking her things.  It was clean with an exceptionally springy bed and warm colored wooden furnishings. She felt more like she was on an expensive vacation than getting read to go to work. At last, she opened up the bag that Ben was hiding in and let him free. He took a liking to the area under the bed so she laid down a towel where he could sleep. Continue reading


Ch 2; pg3

She took a deep breath and stepped into the huge building. Mellvin followed, as was becoming the usual.  The inside was just as ornate as the outside, maybe even more so.  The tiles they stepped on were quartz, inlaid with intricate marble designs. The lobby echoed as they walked toward the main elevator.  Near the elevator door was a sign listing all of the offices that occupied the twenty-one levels of the building.   Continue reading


Ch 2; pg 2

Brit gathered her things as the train was coming to a stop. ¬†When she stepped off the platform of the train station she got her first real glimpse of the city. ¬†She hesitated, she had no idea where to go. ¬†Having never been to¬†Themiscyra City before, she wasn’t exactly familiar with the layout. ¬† Continue reading