Ch 3; pg 3

“Ah,” He smiled wide, “the new recruits!”

“This is Mr. Brownstone, head of this department.” Eileen whispered.

“Kids, do you know why the company name is Halberd Industries?” he asked rhetorically.

Within his contrived, ‘thoughtful’ pause Mellvin interjected to Mr. Brownstone’s dismay, “Isn’t that the last name of the founders of the company?” Continue reading


Ch 2; pg3

She took a deep breath and stepped into the huge building. Mellvin followed, as was becoming the usual.  The inside was just as ornate as the outside, maybe even more so.  The tiles they stepped on were quartz, inlaid with intricate marble designs. The lobby echoed as they walked toward the main elevator.  Near the elevator door was a sign listing all of the offices that occupied the twenty-one levels of the building.   Continue reading


Ch 1, pg 3

Brit woke up feeling a little groggy.  She did not get nearly enough sleep last night. Though she had been using computers for a long time, she just recently started to learn programming for herself which she found to be incredibly complex.  The display was simplistic and just interfacing with the text on the screen to play games or write letters was hard enough but trying to make the computer do something it had never done before was exhausting to her. She spent hours on it and never made as much progress as she hoped. Last night was no different. Continue reading