Time for some revisions and planning?

I tried to write a little more on that last post and I realized that I’m not totally sure what’s going on with the story. I’ve lost touch with it, I don’t know or remember what’s going on or who the characters are. I think it’s time to take a moment to revise and reconnect with it, then plan out what’s going to happen next before I bother writing more. This week is going to be SOOO busy for me, for a million different reasons. I might even try my hand at NaNoWriMo. I know that I utterly failed at the summer version of it but to be honest, as busy as November will be, it’s at least a lot more structured than the summer was. Maybe I’ll get more written than last time anyway (I think I stopped at just over 5,000 words?) My point is, expect the story to continue, or a completely different story to start, sometime after November ends?


Made a new page/ writing a novel in a month!

Hey everybody. I just started Camp NaNoWriMo/ JulNoWriMo today and I’m finally feeling excited about it. I even created a page here to update how its going. The story is a classic medieval fantasy type with a knight and dragons and stuff. The title is really, really long because I kind of came up with the title as I was coming up with the premise of the story (hint: the title IS the premise of the story) I thought, what could be easier and more fun than just writing the prototypical fantasy quest story with abandon? Wish me luck! Here’s hoping I can finish it on time!