Ch 3; pg 3

“Ah,” He smiled wide, “the new recruits!”

“This is Mr. Brownstone, head of this department.” Eileen whispered.

“Kids, do you know why the company name is Halberd Industries?” he asked rhetorically.

Within his contrived, ‘thoughtful’ pause Mellvin interjected to Mr. Brownstone’s dismay, “Isn’t that the last name of the founders of the company?” Continue reading


Ch3; pg2

Inside the elevator there were only three buttons. One for the floor they had just toured, one that Eileen pressed and one below that which was left unexplained. The doors opened in time with the cheerful ping that indicated they had reached their destination. Eileen promptly stepped off the elevator and began walking right into the heart of what seemed to be a labyrinth of hallways. The other two followed quickly but silently behind making every other step a small jump in an effort to catch up while attempting to keep their pace at a walk. Eileen suddenly stopped and turned to them at the convergence of the hallways. Continue reading

Chapter 3: The Halberd Offices

“This is where all the clerical work is done.  We have thousands of orders coming in daily from all over the country. Our staff uses the latest in Halberd technology, often performing daily tasks on equipment that the consumer has not yet even heard of!” Eileen seemed to be reading off of a script.  It was clear that she had memorized and was now performing a company sanctioned tour to the letter. “Notice that the backgrounds of the screens our clerics use are white with black lettering instead of the usual black with white lettering.  These new screens are the first step in our advancement toward a more user-friendly interface…”  Continue reading