Ch1; p5

Last to arrive was grandma Eunice who was late to everything. ¬†Although tardy she had always been present at her grandchildren’s important events. ¬†She came bearing cake the size of half the picnic table itself. ¬†She was the only one who seemed to think that Steven was well behaved. ¬†Ironically after the cake had been set on the table and while she was greeting all of the older family members the demon child was busy stacking up various bits of rubbish from the garden in order to try to reach the cake. ¬† Continue reading


Ch 1, pg 4

They rushed outside to help with the picnic setup. ¬†She and her brother struggled to set up an awning that covered most of the backyard area before blocking the path into the woods with a small wire fence. ¬†By the time they were ready to set out the table it was already late enough to start setting out the food. ¬†People began arriving minutes after. ¬†First to arrive was Aunt Merideth, their father’s older sister. ¬†She had no children of her own and instead devoted much of her time to her niece and nephews when she wasn’t publishing a magazine about her cats from her garage. ¬†Surprisingly, her self-published magazine was highly circulated around the county and surrounding areas. ¬†Despite her eccentricities, she had taught Brit much of what she now knew about machinery. ¬†She even let her help in building the very printing press responsible for the publication of the astoundingly popular¬†Feline¬†Felicitations.¬†Next to arrive were her Aunt Gertie and Uncle Silo along with the brat-child Steven. ¬†Being the kind and giving people that her Aunt and Uncle were, they had a habit of spoiling their child


Ch 1, pg 3

Brit woke up feeling a little groggy.  She did not get nearly enough sleep last night. Though she had been using computers for a long time, she just recently started to learn programming for herself which she found to be incredibly complex.  The display was simplistic and just interfacing with the text on the screen to play games or write letters was hard enough but trying to make the computer do something it had never done before was exhausting to her. She spent hours on it and never made as much progress as she hoped. Last night was no different. Continue reading


Chapter 1, pg 2

As she shut the door her mother looked up from a book.¬†She was sitting at the kitchen table, drinking tea while waiting for bread to finish baking. It smelled delicious but Brit would have to wait until tomorrow to eat it. She knew this was a last minute preparation for the family picnic tomorrow in honor of her little brother’s graduation and her acceptance of a new job offer in the city. ¬†Their grandma, aunts, uncle and spoiled cousin would all be there.

“Who were you talking to out there?” she asked.

“I… found an animal,” said Brit. Continue reading

Chapter 1: In which the main character is introduced

The sun was beginning to fall below the horizon as Brit propped her foot on a wooden chair to tie her shoe. Flecks of light came through the curtains and rested on the wall behind her. She covered her short, brown hair with a green hat that matched the color of her jacket and headed out the door. Walking across her backyard and into the woods that her family owned, she felt  a little proud at this accidental combination. It was never on purpose that her clothes matched but it happened fairly often as all of her clothing seemed to be the same three or four colors, despite any efforts to diversify her wardrobe. She stepped carefully, trying to avoid the poison ivy and nettles that sometimes crept into the old path that she followed.  The sky was growing increasingly dark which made her feel even more jumpy than normal. Continue reading