Ch 2; pg4

Brit spent some time exploring her room and unpacking her things.  It was clean with an exceptionally springy bed and warm colored wooden furnishings. She felt more like she was on an expensive vacation than getting read to go to work. At last, she opened up the bag that Ben was hiding in and let him free. He took a liking to the area under the bed so she laid down a towel where he could sleep. Continue reading


Ch 2; pg3

She took a deep breath and stepped into the huge building. Mellvin followed, as was becoming the usual.  The inside was just as ornate as the outside, maybe even more so.  The tiles they stepped on were quartz, inlaid with intricate marble designs. The lobby echoed as they walked toward the main elevator.  Near the elevator door was a sign listing all of the offices that occupied the twenty-one levels of the building.   Continue reading


Ch 2; pg 2

Brit gathered her things as the train was coming to a stop. ¬†When she stepped off the platform of the train station she got her first real glimpse of the city. ¬†She hesitated, she had no idea where to go. ¬†Having never been to¬†Themiscyra City before, she wasn’t exactly familiar with the layout. ¬† Continue reading

Chapter 2: In which the actual plot begins

Brit stared out the window of her train car watching the landscape fly past while thinking of good names for a pet snake. ¬†She was never one for naming animals after their attributes like “Blackie” or “Spot” and she had grown out of naming them something ridiculous and¬†unnecessarily¬†long such as “Mr. Franklin Fluffy Jose¬†Ignacio¬†III”. ¬†After much consideration she settled on “Ben”. ¬†It took a lot of begging her father and trickery to sneak Ben past the train conductor at the station but she did it and now felt that he deserved a name.¬† Continue reading


Ch1; p5

Last to arrive was grandma Eunice who was late to everything. ¬†Although tardy she had always been present at her grandchildren’s important events. ¬†She came bearing cake the size of half the picnic table itself. ¬†She was the only one who seemed to think that Steven was well behaved. ¬†Ironically after the cake had been set on the table and while she was greeting all of the older family members the demon child was busy stacking up various bits of rubbish from the garden in order to try to reach the cake. ¬† Continue reading

Turns out, writing is hard…

I was doing really well there for a few days! However, I missed the deadline yesterday and failed to post. Allow me to explain: I just drove home for the weekend to visit my parents and move the rest of the way out of my apartment at school. ¬†I was almost finished with yesterdays post but there just isn’t quite enough and I didn’t really have time to finish it. I’m also realizing that on Tuesday/Thursday I don’t really have time for writing so I’ve decided that instead I’ll be posting hopefully much longer bits of story every Monday, Wednesday and Friday instead. ¬†The good news is that writing this story has made me realize that when you write things, you can literally do anything you want. Anything I want to happen, that’s allowed! So I haven’t given up, expect another chapter 1 post soon.


Ch 1, pg 4

They rushed outside to help with the picnic setup. ¬†She and her brother struggled to set up an awning that covered most of the backyard area before blocking the path into the woods with a small wire fence. ¬†By the time they were ready to set out the table it was already late enough to start setting out the food. ¬†People began arriving minutes after. ¬†First to arrive was Aunt Merideth, their father’s older sister. ¬†She had no children of her own and instead devoted much of her time to her niece and nephews when she wasn’t publishing a magazine about her cats from her garage. ¬†Surprisingly, her self-published magazine was highly circulated around the county and surrounding areas. ¬†Despite her eccentricities, she had taught Brit much of what she now knew about machinery. ¬†She even let her help in building the very printing press responsible for the publication of the astoundingly popular¬†Feline¬†Felicitations.¬†Next to arrive were her Aunt Gertie and Uncle Silo along with the brat-child Steven. ¬†Being the kind and giving people that her Aunt and Uncle were, they had a habit of spoiling their child