Ch 3; pg 3

“Ah,” He smiled wide, “the new recruits!”

“This is Mr. Brownstone, head of this department.” Eileen whispered.

“Kids, do you know why the company name is Halberd Industries?” he asked rhetorically.

Within his contrived, ‘thoughtful’ pause Mellvin interjected to Mr. Brownstone’s dismay, “Isn’t that the last name of the founders of the company?”

“Well,” he paused, looking at Mellvin in confusion, “yes. But more importantly a halberd, the weapon, embodies the values our company stands for! Sharp, versatile, built for strength and operability!” By this point he had regained the rhythm of his planned speech, his body jumping slightly with every world while he made small jabbing motions as if he were carrying the worlds tiniest halberd in his hands. After a short pause that garnered less than the amount of amazement he desired, he continued by giving each a pat on the back and awkwardly going his own way.  Before leaving entirely he assured them that he would be available for guidance at any time. The thought was not necessarily reassuring to Brit and by this point she longed to get to work and end the mostly useless tour of the company building.


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