Ch3; pg2

Inside the elevator there were only three buttons. One for the floor they had just toured, one that Eileen pressed and one below that which was left unexplained. The doors opened in time with the cheerful ping that indicated they had reached their destination. Eileen promptly stepped off the elevator and began walking right into the heart of what seemed to be a labyrinth of hallways. The other two followed quickly but silently behind making every other step a small jump in an effort to catch up while attempting to keep their pace at a walk. Eileen suddenly stopped and turned to them at the convergence of the hallways.

“This is our research and development department,” her voice had a tone of excitement as if she was explaining it as a place of magic to a small child, “starting Monday, you will each be assigned to a specific project where you’ll get to work as part of  a team of developers in your own office!”

She pointed diagonally down the hallway on her left side, “This is where programming gets done and,” as she pointed toward the right, “we’re working on hardware in this direction. Since that’s what you will both be working on, follow me this way.”  She moved down the right side hallway in wide, graceful strides that were almost impossible to keep up with as she spouted out the object of each offices work.  She stopped abruptly as the hallway became a dead end with only one door leading to another office. She knocked and a tall, handsome man opened the door.  He was older but still very attractive, though Brit thought that something in the natural expression of his face was disconcerting.


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