Ch 2; pg4

Brit spent some time exploring her room and unpacking her things.  It was clean with an exceptionally springy bed and warm colored wooden furnishings. She felt more like she was on an expensive vacation than getting read to go to work. At last, she opened up the bag that Ben was hiding in and let him free. He took a liking to the area under the bed so she laid down a towel where he could sleep.

“I have to get ready to start work now but I promise I’ll get you something to eat right after!” she told him.

She changed into business clothes and tried to freshen up as best she could with the little time she had. Traveling always made her feel a little greasy, groggy and uncomfortable.  Finally she sat down at the little desk by her bed.  It had a drawer already full of company stationary and a few pens with the company name and emblem engraved on them. She took out a pen and carefully began filling out her new hire paperwork.  As she was finishing she heard a knock on her door. It was Mellvin, a little early but very eager to get back to the offices and start working. She signed her papers and made sure to grab everything she needed.

“What do you do anyway?” asked Mellvin, apparently it had suddenly dawned on him that she never really told him about herself.

“Computer stuff, hardware mostly. I guess I’ll be trying to improve on their current products maybe.” she said.

“Ah, that’s a good position to be in, I heard that Halberd makes the best computers. Of course they don’t really have much competition.  Actually, they don’t have any competition.” Mellvin continued to consider the philisophical implications of a company without any competition as they rode the elevator down to the main office floor.  Eventually he concluded with: “Anyway, it’s a good thing for us so maybe it’s not that bad…”

The doors of the elevator opened once again to the reception desk and the main offices.  They stepped out and walked toward the desk only to be greeted abruptly by a pretty young woman carrying two large folders.

“You must be the new hires!” she said cheerfully, “My name is Eileen, I expect you have your forms filled out already. I can just take those if you have them with you.” As she spoke she was juggling the heavy folders that apparently held information on Brit and Mellvin while searching through them for their names.  She was inexplicably graceful in almost dropping them and all of the papers they held inside each time she shifted her weight to toss back an errant strand of silvery blonde hair or flip through one of the folders. “You are…wait…don’t tell me, Bret and Mellvin, correct?” she said as she was doing this, “No! Sorry, Brit, it says here, right?”

“Wow, you, uh, know my nickname and everything…sort of…” Brit replied.

“Oh, we know everything. Now come along, time to take the tour and begin work!” Eileen was excited to show them around, if not a little bit disturbingly nonchalant about the company’s apparent omniscience. She spun around, practically doing a pirouette and the two followed her as she walked toward the front corner of the office.


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