Chapter 2: In which the actual plot begins

Brit stared out the window of her train car watching the landscape fly past while thinking of good names for a pet snake.  She was never one for naming animals after their attributes like “Blackie” or “Spot” and she had grown out of naming them something ridiculous and unnecessarily long such as “Mr. Franklin Fluffy Jose Ignacio III”.  After much consideration she settled on “Ben”.  It took a lot of begging her father and trickery to sneak Ben past the train conductor at the station but she did it and now felt that he deserved a name. She turned her mind to other things until she felt a movement from the bag that Ben was hidden in.  She carefully opened it, peeking in. Trying to quietly communicate that Ben was not allowed to show himself on the train, she moved around the old towel and folders that were hiding him, in hopes that he would get comfortable and settle down.  She looked up and noticed for the first time, a thin, young man with wildly unkempt red hair. He had apparently been there the whole time and at this point was staring at her, totally unashamed at his obvious curiosity toward the bag. His mouth was even slightly open.

“Hi…” she smiled awkwardly and looked away as quickly as possible.

“What’s in the bag?” he asked, apologetically.

“What?”She said, his question had caught her off guard, “Nothing. Stuff. Just… stuff for traveling”

“It was moving.” He said.

She tried to laugh it off, “Listen, why would I have a moving bag? Geez, I heard you meet crazy people in the city sometimes but we’re aren’t even there yet!”

“No,” he moved over to sit on the same side as her with the bag between them, “that bag was definitely moving. Whatcha got in there? An animal or something?  You aren’t supposed to take pets on the train.” He was very matter of fact in that statement.

“Do you mind?” said Brit. Before she could make him go away he was opening the bag and looking into it himself.

“Cool,” he said, “you know snakes don’t really make good pets. I heard a story about a lady who had a pet snake, like one of those constrictor kinds.  She thought it really liked her because it would climb up in bed with her at night like a puppy, it would even stretch all the way out to get comfortable. She thought it was real cute. Turns out it was really just sizing her up, trying to figure out if it was big enough to eat her yet. Snakes aren’t very loyal. They’re solitary not pack animals.”

“Well this one isn’t a constrictor so I guess I’ll be fine.” Brit replied with a mix of disgust and disbelief. Seemingly not bothered by this kind of reply, the man settled right where he was sitting next to her and began reading a book. Brit sighed and resumed looking out the window.  Time seemed to pass as quickly as the trees were going past the window.  Before she knew it the whistle of the train began to blow.  They slowed to a stop in the station of Themiscyra City.


One thought on “Chapter 2: In which the actual plot begins

  1. Meeting a young man with red hair on a train reminds me of Harry Potter, heh. I wonder how he’ll fare in a city named after an Amazonian one…?

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