Ch 1, pg 4

They rushed outside to help with the picnic setup.  She and her brother struggled to set up an awning that covered most of the backyard area before blocking the path into the woods with a small wire fence.  By the time they were ready to set out the table it was already late enough to start setting out the food.  People began arriving minutes after.  First to arrive was Aunt Merideth, their father’s older sister.  She had no children of her own and instead devoted much of her time to her niece and nephews when she wasn’t publishing a magazine about her cats from her garage.  Surprisingly, her self-published magazine was highly circulated around the county and surrounding areas.  Despite her eccentricities, she had taught Brit much of what she now knew about machinery.  She even let her help in building the very printing press responsible for the publication of the astoundingly popular Feline Felicitations. Next to arrive were her Aunt Gertie and Uncle Silo along with the brat-child Steven.  Being the kind and giving people that her Aunt and Uncle were, they had a habit of spoiling their child


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