Ch 1, pg 3

Brit woke up feeling a little groggy.  She did not get nearly enough sleep last night. Though she had been using computers for a long time, she just recently started to learn programming for herself which she found to be incredibly complex.  The display was simplistic and just interfacing with the text on the screen to play games or write letters was hard enough but trying to make the computer do something it had never done before was exhausting to her. She spent hours on it and never made as much progress as she hoped. Last night was no different.

She forced herself out from under the covers and into the cold air.  Scrambling to get dressed as soon as possible, she put on yet another plain, but matched outfit.  She emerged from her room stumbling, still trying to get her balance. The smell of breakfast was enough to guide her to the kitchen table. She sat next to her father who’s face, at the moment, was covered by a fully expanded newspaper and she happily began eating a large bowl of oatmeal with raisins and cinnamon mixed in it. Just as she had stuffed her mouth full of food her mother began talking to her.

“Excited for your big trip tomorrow?” she asked.

Brits cheeks were puffed out a bit because of how much oatmeal she had shoved in her mouth all at once. She looked at her mother with wide eyes and exasperation for a moment before shaking her head up and down and making a strained “mmm-hmm!” noise. Her brother, Nick,  joined them at the table shortly after.

“You look like a fat chipmunk, as usual.” he said to her.

“Good morning to you too, sunshine!” she replied with sarcasm as soon as she was able before stuffing her mouth full of oatmeal once more. They glared at each other for a moment. Although it wasn’t altogether a mean spirited rivalry, this kind of competitive tension had made up a large part of their friendship since they were young.

“Once you two are finished eating I need help setting up the picnic area outside.” their mother called while she was already half-way out the door.


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