Chapter 1, pg 2

As she shut the door her mother looked up from a book. She was sitting at the kitchen table, drinking tea while waiting for bread to finish baking. It smelled delicious but Brit would have to wait until tomorrow to eat it. She knew this was a last minute preparation for the family picnic tomorrow in honor of her little brother’s graduation and her acceptance of a new job offer in the city.  Their grandma, aunts, uncle and spoiled cousin would all be there.

“Who were you talking to out there?” she asked.

“I… found an animal,” said Brit.

“Ooo! What kind?” in general her mother loved animals so the news was exciting. Unfortunately, she considered snakes to be too “sneaky” to be counted as an animal that merits anything but suspicion or fear.

“You don’t wanna know” she replied.

Continuing on to her room, she began packing what she could.  The day after the picnic she had plans to take a train into the city.  When most of her packing was done she began kid-proofing her room and anything that would be within reach of her snotty seven-year old cousin. She changed for bed and said goodnight to her parents and brother, setting an alarm for early in the morning. She had a habit of staying up much later than she was supposed to and working on the computer.  She had built her computer by herself with scraps of metal and gears from broken clockwork. Her father had made a wooden box for her to hold the components. When she turned it on you could almost hear the vacuum tubes warming up.  She thought about how her parents would get mad at her for turning the computer on after she went to bed but this didn’t matter like it used to since she was finally old enough not to have a bedtime. Finally it was up and running; she began typing away at a keyboard that was made from the remnants of an old electronic typewriter.


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