Let’s Begin


To anyone who reads this, I think it deserves a little bit of explanation.  These stories you are (or will be) reading? They might be terrible.  It’s okay, relax. It’s meant to be this way. I like reading a lot and I’ve always wanted to write, though I’ve never really wanted to be an author or anything. Still, writing is a skill I would like to have and enjoy.  Most people know that doing something well takes practice and feedback right? True, but I’ve always been too nervous to actually take myself seriously and write something that other people can read.  Instead I’m going to aim for failure. I will get practice, I can giggle at how silly a story turns out when I don’t allow myself to edit it and maybe I will get a little bit better. So here’s the goal: I will be writing a chapter (or post) each Monday, Wednesday and Friday, directly into the blog without any editing or censorship and sometimes without even a clear plan of where things are going.  Will it be awful? Most likely, but as the story gets worse I get closer to success.  So enjoy, (or don’t) and let me know what you think!



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